giant killer bats of alamogordo

There is gonna be a free promotion for Giant Killer Bats of Alamogordo coming up. Who doesn’t like free? You? You don’t like free? Really? What is wrong with you?

For the rest of you (I dunno about THAT guy, he just seems weird.) the promo will run from February 26th, 2020 to March 1st, 2020.

Of course, you can still buy it if ya want, and support my coffee addiction! It’s just 2.99, and is available on Kindle Unlimited for those that have it. I really need the reviews on this bad boy. If you’ve already read it and haven’t reviewed it yet, please do so. It really helps us small time writers compete with the big boys.

Not sure what this book even is? You can check it out here. It’s a really cool book, everybody says so. And look at the cover, aint it cool?