As a writer, one of the things I get asked the most (Besides what is your day job. Rude!) is what is my favorite thing I’ve written. That’s kinda a tough thing. I’ve written a lot of stuff but have only had 1 piece published (so far). I’d like to think all of my stuff is equally good, but I know that isn’t true. Over the years I’ve written a ton of stuff that has languished in a notebook, rarely to see the light of day. Every now and then I pull it out to see just how much my writing has evolved.

Now on to the question before I begin to ramble. I guess my favorite thing I’ve written is always gonna be the current work-in-progress. At the moment it is part 1 of Amazon Women of the 5th Dimension. I really enjoy the story, and as I’m writing it I can see the cover in my mind, and can start to see how part 2 is gonna round out the story. You should see it in my head, it’s really cool. Shame you can’t, there are awesome things going on in there. Wait, you can’t, can you? Just in case you can, stay out of the folder labeled Amy, that’s just for me. The rest is good.

That would be a neat power wouldn’t it? Hmm. Did I just get yet another idea for a story? Eh, it’s probably been done before. But not by me! Every writer is unique in their own special, warped, way. Just because a story has been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be made again and again. This PSA brought to you by Jack Morse, the more you know…

Wait, where was I. *shrugs* I get so distracted some… ooohh. Look, kitty videos.

Anyway, long story short, to answer the question, my favorite thing I’ve written is always my current wip.

Till next time people. Also, I would be a bad writer if I didn’t give you a link to my last favorite piece. Giant Killer Bats of Alamogordo. Buy it, love it, tell your friends about it.