Hey guys! Jack here. What? You haven’t heard of me? Jack? Jack Morse? Well this is embarrassing. Seriously? Nothing? I would have thought at least one of ya’ll woulda heard of me. Huh…

If you are here you are at least interested, right? Followed a link by accident? It wasn’t me, honest.

Well, OK. I guess most people haven’t heard of me, yet. That’s gonna change though. If you might have noticed, I wrote a book! It even got published. There is the cover, right over there. Cool huh? Looks like one of those old movie posters. That was the idea though. The story reads like a b-movie as well. Kinda cheesy, kinda bad (but wonderful), and a little scratch your head and go ‘huh’. It is part of a whole new series I’m doing under the B-Movie Cafe name. I’ve got a bunch of books planned, and some of them are even written. I know, right? That sounds awesome! Thank you.

So I’m Jack Morse, and this is my blog. I live in rural Virginia, kinda close to the Potomac river. I don’t particularly like Virginia cuz it gets really cold here and I hate the cold. I know I could move, but I need a bit more money than I have right now.

I’m gonna try and do a weekly blog here so you can find out more about me and my writing. Not sure what all I’m gonna write about, but I have a little bit of help with ideas so I should at least be able to put out something each Monday. Why Monday? Monday’s suck! True, but suck it up. Hopefully I will give ya’ll a little something to help ya get through the day. Maybe a little laugh or a thought provoking idea, or maybe even just an eye-roll at my stupidity.

Anyway. That’s what this is about. Just thought I would give you a quickie introduction to me and my world before we get to the meat and potatoes.